Nomura Minami to release her first photobook

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Nomura Minami will release her first photobook on September 8.

Titled Sei, Sou, the photobook will be available through e-LineUP! Mall, Hello! Shops, H!P events and concerts. Pre-orders start July 28. A signed limited edition version will be available for fans who pre-order before August 26 and enter the limited edition photobook lottery.

It will feature Nomura in swimsuits, yukata, gowns and dresses. It was shot in the area of Yokosuka and Miura in Kanagawa prefecture.

The photobook consists of 96 pages and includes a DVD with making-of footage (duration: 30 minutes). Published by Odyssey. The photographer is Hirofumi Nagano. List price is 3.000 yen.

The photobook will come with one of the following L-size bonus photos:

Source: Hello! Project