Hello! Project producer Tsunku diagnosed with cancer


Hello! Project producer Tsunku announced in a statement on his blog and via a fax sent to various news outlets that he has been diagnosed with early stage laryngeal cancer. [Read more…]

Morning Musume – J-Melo Song Collaboration


Morning Musume’s “What is LOVE?” will be the ending theme for the music program J-Melo on NHK World from October to December. The song was specifically created for the program. [Read more…]

12th Generation Audition – No Winners

Tsunku has announced in a video on the Morning Musume Youtube channel that there are no winners of the 12th generation member audition


Every girl with potential that participated has been invited to join the Hello! Project Trainees. Those that accept will be unveiled soon. The 12th generation audition will be redone in the future. Auditioners who choose to join H!P may also find themselves joining a potential new unit.

Tsuntube – Episode 101

Episode 101 of Tsuntube has been released. Guest is Berryz Kobo’s Natsuyaki Miyabi.

UF LICKS – Episode 15

The fifteenth episode of UF LICKS has been released.

Morning Musume 12th Generation Auditions – Update

The submission deadline for Morning Musume’s 12th generation audition has passed. Due to a large amount of late submissions there will be additional submission dates.

Auditioners can apply on weekends from May 25 to 30 in various locations (Sendai, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Nagoya,…). After going through the application they will immediately be told if they pass to the next round. In the meantime all previous applicants will be recieving notification if they passed or not. More information can be found on the Hello! Project website.

Producer Tsunku explains the new application events in a video uploaded to the Morning Musume Youtube channel.

H!P Trainees – Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test Coverage

The Hello! Project Trainees held their “Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test” on May 5. MaiDiGiTV shares their report.


Fans could vote for the best performance at the end of the event. A panel of judges (producer Tsunku, MC Makoto, former Morning Musume member Ogawa Makoto and choreographer Mitsubachi) was also present.

Tanabe Nanami won the fan vote (guaranteeing her a solo performance at the next Nama Tamago Show) while Wada Sakurako won the judges panel special prize. It was also announced that six new members would be joining the Hello! Project Trainees.

  • Tanaka Karen
  • Inaba Manaka (former member of idol group PEACEFUL)
  • Mikame Kana
  • Fujii Rio (formerly auditioned for S/mileage and Morning Musume)
  • Mashiro Kana
  • Inoue Hikaru

In addition Juice=Juice presented their first perfomance of their second indie single “Samidare Bijou ga Samidareru”.

Sources: Mantan Web & Oricon & Barks

Morning Musume 12th Generation Auditions – Tsunku Comment

Tsunku leaves a video message for 12th generation hopefuls on Morning Musume’s Youtube channel.

Tsuntube – Episode 93

Episode #93 of Tsuntube. It features footage of the Tsuntube Spring Thanksgiving Festival as well as a look at Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s major debut single “Byte Fighter”.

°C-ute – Budokan Concert & Paris Performance

°C-ute - Budokan Concert & Paris Performance

It has been announced that °C-ute will perform at Nippon Budokan on September 10 and will have their first performance abroad on July 5th in Paris.

°C-ute - Budokan Concert & Paris Performance

The announcement was made by producer Tsunku during the recent release event for °C-ute’s “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. The decision was made after many venues of their upcoming concert tour “Treasure Box” managed to sell out. The larger than usual final venue of the tour, Yokohama Pacifico, was sold out using fanclub tickets only.

The event was livestreamed and an archived version of the stream can be viewed on °C-ute’s official Youtube channel.

Oricon has shared their press footage of the release event.

MAiDiGiTV also has a report up.

Finally JIJIPRESS also shares their footage.

The Paris concert is titled “℃-ute ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~Voyage à Paris~” and will take place at La Cigale at 18:00 (doors open at 17:00). Tickets go on sale April 8 at 12:00 (GMT+1).

°C-ute - Budokan Concert & Paris Performance

Tickets are available at Fnac or francebillet among other sites.

Sources: Mantan Web & Bishi Bishi & Hello! Project