Hello! Project Station #202: Ikuta Erina, Kaga Kaede & Yokoyama Reina


The 202nd episode of Hello! Project Station has been released. MC’s are Ikuta Erina, Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina. [Read more…]

Here’s Morning Musume’s 13th generation


UPDATED Trainees Yokoyama Reina and Kaga Kaede have been chosen as Morning Musume’s 13th generation members. [Read more…]

These Trainees will take part in °C-ute’s fall tour


Five Trainees have been selected to participate in °C-ute’s 2014 ~Monster~ fall concert tour.

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New Hello! Project musical announced


UPDATED A number of Hello! Project members will participate in a new musical titled 「LILIUM ~Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki」.

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~Treasure Box~ Concert Tour – H!P Trainees Participating

~Treasure Box~ Concert Tour - H!P Trainees Participating

Hello! Project Trainees Tanabe Nanami, Murota Mizuki and Kaga Kaede will be participating in °C-ute upcoming spring concert tour, titled ~Treasure Box~.

~Treasure Box~ Concert Tour - H!P Trainees Participating

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Kaga Kaede &Yamagishi Riko – Nettai Danshi Message

H!P Trainees Kaga Kaede and Yamagishi Riko leave a message for the “Nettai Danshi” stageplay on the Up-Front Youtube channel.



03012013 (1)

Still down with a high fever, Sato Masaki will not be participating in today’s (January 3) concerts.

Source: http://ody-inc.com/release/2012/12/hello-project.html


More Day 1 footage of the HiP 2013 winter concerts courtesy of Kanaloco. Among other things it features a glimpse at Morning Musume’s rendition of Berryz Kobo’s debut single “Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai”.


Kaga Kaede and Yamagishi Riko will be the H!P trainees participating in the “Nettai Danshi” stageplay.

03012013 (1)

Source: http://gekipro.com/Gekipro/stage?id=117


The music video to “Forest Time” by Harvest has been uploaded to the SATOYAMA Youtube channel.


Michishige Sayumi’s upcoming photobook is titled “Mille-feuille”.


Kikkawa You leaves a New Years message for Excite Music.

Source: http://www.excite.co.jp/music/newyear/?artist_id=29