Hello! Project Station #91: Ikuta Erina & Miyazaki Yuka


The 91st episode of Hello! Project Station has been released. MC’s are Ikuta Erina and Miyazaki Yuka. [Read more…]

Hello! Project Station #90: Sato Masaki & Tsugunaga Momoko


The 90th episode of Hello! Project Station has been released. MC’s are Sato Masaki and Tsugunaga Momoko. [Read more…]

Hello! Project Station #89: Michishige Sayumi & Sayashi Riho


The 89th episode of Hello! Project Station has been released. MC’s are Michishige Sayumi and Sayashi Riho. [Read more…]

Hello! Project Station #88: Okai Chisato & Yajima Maimi


The 88th episode of Hello! Project Station has been released. MC’s are Okai Chisato & Yajima Maimi [Read more…]

These Trainees will take part in °C-ute’s fall tour


Five Trainees have been selected to participate in °C-ute’s 2014 ~Monster~ fall concert tour.

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H!P Trainees – Ikinuku Kiseki ~Juunenme no Negai

H!P trainees Tanabe Nanami, Yoshihashi Kurumi, Murota Mizuki and Ichioka Reina leave a video comment for the “Ikinuku Kiseki ~Juunenme no Negai” stageplay on the H!P Trainees Youtube channel.

Ikinukukiseki ~Juunenme no Negai – Stageplay

Ikinukukiseki ~Juunenme no Negai - Stageplay

Yaguchi Mari, H!P Trainees Yoshihashi Kurumi, Ichioka Reina, Murota Mizuki and Tanabe Nanami will partake in the “Ikinukukiseki ~Juunenme no Negai” stageplay.

Ikinukukiseki ~Juunenme no Negai - Stageplay

The stageplay will run from April 4 to 9.

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Shibata Ayumi will release her third single, titled “Hito Kakera no KISEKI” on February 20.


Source & image: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00AG0D4Q6


H!P Trainees Ichioka Reina & Nomura Minami will participate in °C-ute’s spring stageplay “Sakura no Hanataba” (runs from March 14 to 24).

Source: http://gekipro.com/Gekipro/stage?id=120


Additional handshake events have been announced for Morning Musume’s “Help me!!”. On February 4 in Miyazaki (members present: Tanaka Reina & Michishige Sayumi), February 12 in Kagawa (members present: Michishige Sayumi & Fukumura Mizuki) and Ehime (members present: Tanaka Reina, Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi).

Source 1: http://www.helloproject.com/event/1301241700_event_musume_miyazaki.html

Source 2: http://www.helloproject.com/event/1301241700_event_musume_marugame.html

Source 3: http://www.helloproject.com/event/1301241700_event_musume_niihama.html


Amazon will offer a special edition cover of Nakajima Saki’s upcoming photobook “Naka-san”.

Source: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/4847045270/


JIJIPRESS footage of Morning Musume’s mini-live for “Help me!!” in Ikebukuro Sunshine City.


A video of Sugaya Risako promoting Berryz Kobo’s “WANT!” T-Shirt has been uploaded to the UFACTORY Youtube channel.


Michishige Sayumi will hold two release events for her photobook “Mille-feuille” on February 10.

Source: http://www.helloproject.com/event/1301251215_event_musume.html


A report on Morning Musume’s January 18’s event in Mie (members present: Tanaka Reina, Fukumura Mizuki & Iikubo Haruna) has been posted on Morning Musume’s 47 prefecture promo-campaign page.

Source: http://www.up-front-works.jp/morningakusyu2013/report_118.html#contents