Green Room #29: with Furukawa Konatsu


Episode #29 of Green Room has been released. Guest MC is Furukawa Konatsu. [Read more…]

Tsuntube – Episode 92

Episode #92 of Tsuntube.

Up Up Girls – Album Release Comment

Furukawa Konatsu, Sengoku Minami, Sato Ayano & Mori Saki comment on the release of Up Up Girls’ first album on the EYElove UFZS Youtube channel. The video is subtitled in English.


Furukawa Konatsu, Saho Akari, Sengoku Minami and Mori Saki promote Up Up Girls’ first album on their official Youtube channel.


Moe×Kon Diary for January 28


The tracklist to Peaberry’s “Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~” has been released.