Kikkawa You to star in new CM


Kikkawa You will star in a new CM for Pizza brand Pizza-La [Read more…]

Morning Musume ’14 star in a promo campaign for Kagome


UPDATED Morning Musume ’14 are image characters for Kagome vegetable juice. [Read more…]

Mano Erina stars in a CM for KFC


Mano Erina takes the leading role in a new CM for KFC Yoghurt brand Krushers [Read more…]

Morimusume release new CM & preview new song


Morimusume have released a new CM for mobile phone company au. [Read more…]

Morning Musume ’14 to star in CM series for ‘au’


It has been announced that Morning Musume ’14 will star in a series of commercials for mobile phone company ‘au’. [Read more…]

Takahashi Ai – ST Mushuda CM

Takahashi Ai - ST Mushuda CM

Takahashi Ai will star in a CM for ST’s “Mushuda”, a brand of aromatic insect repellant.

Takahashi Ai - ST Mushuda CM

It will air nationwide starting March 18.

Source & image: ST