Morning Musume ’16 announce new member auditions


UPDATED Morning Musume ’16 have announced they are looking for new members. [Read more…]

Say hello to ANGERME’s new 4th generation member


UPDATED ANGERME’s 4th generation was announced today at the release event for Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi at CLUB CITTA in Tokyo.

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Here are the details on ANGERME’s next audition

Hello_Project-559888 - 2

With the launch of the ANGERME audition website, full information about the 4th generation auditions has been released.

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Natsuyaki Miyabi is starting a new group, now official


The audition website for Natsuyaki Miyabi’s new group has been launched officially. [Read more…]

ANGERME to hold new member audition


UPDATED ANGERME will once again hold an audition for new member(s). [Read more…]

[LEAK] Natsuyaki Miyabi is forming a new group, ANGERME might be next to hold auditions


UPDATED The audition website for Natsuyaki Miyabi’s new group has been launched. [Read more…]

YOU could direct the next Morning Musume ’14 music video


Morning Musume ’14 have announced they will be holding an audition for a music video director for one of their future songs. [Read more…]

These are the new 12th generation Morning Musume members

Haga Akane, Makino Maria, Michishige Sayumi-493000

UPDATED (01/10) The winners of Morning Musume’s 12th generation (or Golden) audition were announced today at Nippon Budokan. [Read more…]

Morning Musume ’14 reveal new album and Golden Audition announcement date


UPDATED (09/15) Morning Musume ’14 have revealed at their recent anniversary event that the results of the 12th generation or ‘Golden’ audition will be announced on September 30. [Read more…]

New Country Musume audition ends with no winners


The new Country Musume audition has ended. There are no winners. [Read more…]