Blog archiving the daily news items concerning the Hello!-Project idol family & related projects.

Facts instead of opinion, conjecture and speculation. We do not post about the personal lives of idols. This site will not feature rumors.

This website is not affiliated with Up-Front. All images, videos, articles are the property of Up-Front and/or their respective owners. This website is 100% a volunteer effort.

We use and recommend the Modern News premium WordPress theme. Our goal is to present as much information at a glance while requiring a minimum of scrolling & clicking. Information presented is meant to be short and to the point. Comments are strictly moderated and must be approved first. The comment window closes after two weeks. We encourage people to comment with their real name. We expect you to be civil.

For quick newsbursts check the embedded Twitter account to your right. Anything that can’t be summed up in 140 characters or less will usually merit a post on the site.

We pay for the “No Ads” upgrade. No advertisements will appear on this site. We do not want them.

On occasion there may be affilliate links featured at the bottom of a post. We do not make money off of these. All purchases made through people clicking on the links are directly transferred into CDJapan points which are exclusively used to purchase Hello! Project merchandise.

All the news. No punditry. Just the facts.

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