The two new H!P groups receive their unit names, third new unit announced

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The two new H!P groups, announced back in March of this year, have finally received their group names. They will be joined by yet another newly announced unit.

The ‘performance group’, composed of Ichioka Reina (leader), Shimakura Rika, Nishida Shiori and Eguchi Saya will be known as CHICA#TETSU. ‘Chica’ being the Spanish world for ‘girl’ and ‘Tetsu’ Japanese for ‘philosophy’.

The small ‘theater troupe’ composed of Takase Kurumi, Maeda Kokoro, Yamazaki Yuhana, Okamura Minami and Kiyono Momohime will be know as Ame no Mori Kawa Umi. The name represents forms of life found in nature.

Each of the founding group members has a part of their name included: kurumi (くるみ) meaning ‘walnut’ from Takase Kurumi, ta (田) meaning ‘rice field’ from Maeda Kokoro, hane (羽) meaning ‘feather’ from Yamazaki Yuhane, oka (岡) meaning ‘hill’ and nami (波) meaning ‘wave’ from Okamura Minami and momo (桃) meaning ‘peach’ from Kiyono Momohime.

The group name can be abbreviated as RFRO, which stands for ‘Rain’ (Ame), ‘Forest’ (Mori), ‘River’ (Kawa) and ‘Ocean’ (Umi). In addition, Takase Kurumi has been appointed leader of the group.

Both groups will be joined by another third group formed from the still ongoing ONLY YOU audition as BEYOOOOONDS, the overarching names for all three units together.

Source: Hello! Project


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