Hello! Project to hold their first ever autumn concert events

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Hello! Project will hold Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project Hello! Fes 2018 on October 20 and 21 at Sai no Kuni Kumagaya Dome Taiikukan.

Hello! Project has been holding concert events in the spring since 2013 in the form of their Hinamatsuri Festivals, usually coinciding with their SATOYAMA and SATOUMI events. This is the first time such events will take place in the autumn. They will run concurrently with the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Nyaozane Matsuri in Kumagaya event.

Artists participating are Morning Musume ’18, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Country Girls, Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory, the two upcoming new groups, the H!P Trainees and H!P OG guests (Melon Kinenbi have already confirmed they will be performing).

The autumn concerts will be divided in three stages:*H!P OG’s will only be appearing at the October 21 concert.