Taguchi Natsumi’s contract with UP-FRONT is cancelled

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Taguchi Natsumi is no longer part of Kobushi Factory or Hello! Project. Her contract with UP-FRONT has been dissolved.

The announcement was made on the Hello! Project website (and translated by UP-FRONT LINK) by Representative Director Nishiguchi Takeshi. He cites Taguchi’s behaviour as the source of her contract cancellation.

Thank you for your continued support towards Hello! Project.
This is a sudden news but, today, the contract which attached Natsumi Taguchi and the management is over.
There have been many talks about her behavior with herself and her parents during the past months. After this, we judged there was a lack of self-consciousness and responsibility as a member of Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory) and Hello! Project and we get to the conclusion to cancel halfway her contract.
To everyone who give their support everyday, we would like to deeply apologize for reporting such results.
All the members, filled of new feelings, will continue their career by facing forward. All the staff will support them in order to move forward so please continue to support Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory).
6th December 2017 UP-FRONT PROMOTION Representative Director Takeshi Nishiguchi

Leader Hirose Ayaka also gives her comment, expressing her frustration with Taguchi’s departure. She is clear in her intention for Kobushi Factory to continue as a 5 member group.

Thank you everyone for your continued support towards Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory).
First of all, I would like to deeply apologize for such sudden news. Since our debut Natsumi Taguchi and I spent our everyday’s time together for around 3 years. And to have such companion who goes out from the group in such way, I find this myself really regrettable and deplorable. As the leader, I feel totally responsible for having such continuous news which saddened everyone during several months. On the same time, I feel happy by being supported by many people in such circumstances, thank you so much. Of course, I had hard times during the days I spent with Taguchi but, above that, I was able to make many dreams come true thanks to the support received from everyone.
Taguchi is taking here her leave of the road of Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory) and of being an idol. As the leader, I feel lonely and frustrated, and I am so sorry for all the fans. However, for the 5 members of Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory), there is no change in our desire to aim at our objectives, to follow voluntarily our path, as well as discovering beautiful experiences. From now, I think it will be a new start for Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory), our feelings will change and we will deepen the ties between us, trust each other in order to be a group welcomed by everyone. I would like to continue to do our best with all my might.
Please continue to support Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory) in the future.
Kobushi Factory (Magnolia Factory) Ayaka Hirose

Taguchi Natsumi is the third member of Kobushi Factory to leave in a short period. Fujii Rio’s contract was terminated in July, while Ogawa Rena left in September due to an ‘anxiety neurosis‘.

Source: Hello! Project & UP-FRONT LINK

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