Inoue Rei to release her first photobook

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UPDATED Inoue Rei will release her first photobook on November 11.

Inoue announced the release of her photobook at the October 21 Kobushi Factory concert in Kanagawa.

Titled Rei, the photobook was shot by Takeshi Okamoto, who previously shot Nakajima Saki’s Naka-san. Inoue will dress up in swimsuits and school uniforms.

The publisher is Odyssey. It consists of 96 pages and will come with a bonus DVD of making-of footage (approximately 24 minutes).

Depending on the point of purchase it will come with one of the following bonus photos:

Recommended retail price is 3.000 yen.

A trailer for the photobook has been posted on the Kobushi Factory Youtube channel.

Source & images: Hello! Project