Five H!P Trainees will debut

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Announced at the May 5 Hello! Project Trainee performance test, 5 Trainees will debut in the near future.

Kawamura Ayano, Danbara Ruru and Ichioka Reina will become full-fledged H!P members, either as part of a new unit or as a new member of an existing unit. More info will be unveiled after final contract negotiations with their parents.

Kiyono Momohime and Takase Kurumi will be part of a new branch of H!P focused on acting. This is different from the current Engeki Joshibu division. Again, details will be announced pending contract negotiations with their parents.

Inoue Hikaru

In addition it was also announced that Inoue Hikaru will be the new group leader of the H!P Trainees.

Source: Hello! Project