Tsubaki Factory announce new single

Tsubaki Factory will release their next single on July 26.

The announcement was made on the most recent episode of Hello! Project Station.

The single will be a triple A-side. One of the songs is titled Shuukatsu Sensation. It will release in 7 editions: 3 regulars and 4 limiteds. The regular editions come with a random photo card, the limited editions with a serial event lottery card and bonus DVD. Limited A,B & C include the MV’s, the Special Limited edition comes with the dance shot versions.

Shuukatsu Sensation is composed and written by Nakajima Takui and arranged by DANCE☆MAN.

Source: Hello! Project / Pre-order on CDJapan

1 comment on “Tsubaki Factory announce new single

  1. This was quite an announcement and the A-side looks to be amazing.

    Congratulations to Tsubaki Factory!


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