Hello! Project Trainees Hokkaido release MV to ‘Real☆Little☆Girl’

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The Hokkaido H!P Trainees have uploaded the MV to Real☆Little☆Girl to the official H!P Trainees Youtube channel.

Real☆Little☆Girl / Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (H!P Trainee Hokkaido Ver.) is the first indies single by Hokkaido H!P Trainees.  “Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (H!P Trainee Hokkaido Ver.)” is a cover of the indies single by Hello Pro Kenshuusei. It was first released at the winter Hello! Project concerts on February 4.

Lyrics for Real☆Little☆Girl are by Shotaro, composition by Hoshibe Shou and arrangement by Takahashi Yuichi.