Aikawa Maho to take a break from activities

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Aikawa Maho will take a break from all activities due to medical reasons.

According to a translation from UP-FRONT LINK, Aikawa has been suffering from headache and vertigo as part of a panic disorder.

She had more symptoms like headache, vertigo, etc. than in the past, but recently those symptoms were strong and increased. She took again a medical examination and had been diagnosed with a “panic disorder”. After this, according to her condition, she participated at the “Hello! Project 2017 WINTER ~Crystal Clear~ ~Kaleidoscope~”form January 2nd but the symptoms appeared during the performance, and after another medical examination, it had been diagnosed that “a rest and a medical treatment for a while is necesssary”.
For the moment, she will take a break from her ANGERME activities. In recent years, the accurate number of people suffering from “panic disorder” is not known, it is said that it is certainly increasing rapidly, including the people at risk. Moreover there are people who are not aware of their situation and some are often diagnosed with another disease even if they are doing medical examinations.
From now we will observe the progress of the symptoms and seek at the doctor’s diagnosis. The first thing to do is to relax the mind and body, and while facing the current symptoms, we will start by creating an environment to overcome the disease to be able to come back as soon as possible. Concerning the restart of her activities, we will make make other report another time.

Source & image: UP-FRONT LINK


  1. I really hope that Maho recovers soon! Panic disorder is so hard to deal with, but I hope she can manage. My poor girl…


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