Ikuta Erina announces her first photobook

Ikuta Erina will release her first photobook on October 22.

She made the announcement at the Morning Musume ’16 concert in her hometown of Fukuoka.

The photobook, titled Erina, will include swimsuits, golf outfits and cheongsam, will consist of 80 pages and include a making DVD (duration: 29 minutes). It will be available at H!P concerts, shops and through e-LineUP!. The publisher is Odyssey Books. List price is 3.000 yen.

The photobook will also come with a bonus photo, one out of the selection below.

Source & images: Hello! Project

2 comments on “Ikuta Erina announces her first photobook

  1. steelpanther

    So they finally did it…I expect there will be a lot of bloody noses.


  2. Congrats to Erina! *claps* I know the Eripon fandom went nuts at this news.


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