Uozomi Yuki to graduate from LoVendoЯ

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Uozomi Yuki will graduate from LoVendoЯ and UP-FRONT CREATE on September 16.


A translated statement by UP-FRONT CREATE Representative Director Hirokazu Honda has been posted on UP-FRONT LINK:

Concerning Yuki Uozumi from LoVendoЯ
Thank you for your continued support towards LoVendoЯ. Yuki Uozumi has announced today during the final concert of the tour she will graduate from LoVendoЯ.
Yuki Uozumi has succeeded the audition in 2012 to enter LoVendoЯ’s group as guitarist and then has been active until now. She told us: “From now, I want to skilling up more and more as guitarist” and the result of the discussions came to the conclusion, by respecting her intentions, that she will graduate from the group during the live at Shinjuku Reny on September 16th and will also be detached from UP-FRONT CREATE on the same time.
Until September 16th, LoVendoЯ members will continue much more to endeavour to lives and other activities. We, from now on, will watch over Yuki Uozumi and support her in her new challenge. LoVendoЯ will, with Reina Tanaka, Marina Okada, Marin Miyazawa continue their activities as 3 members. Thank you for your continued support towards LoVendoЯ as well as for Yuki Uozumi.
2016 July 23rd UP-FRONT CREATE Representative Director Hirokazu Honda

Uozomi also made a statement of her own:

Comment from Yuki Uozumi
I, Yuki Uozumi, will graduate from LoVendoЯ after the live at Shinjuku Reny on September 16th.
Now, I am really happy to play the guitar, but when I looked far ahead, I wanted to experience more possibilities concerning myself.
From now on, I also want to insert abroad studies in my future, to continue to perform with many musicians, I want to skilling up as guitarist.
As Yuki Uozumi the guitarist, I thought early this year of how come I can get close to my dreams from now, I discussed with all the members as well as the staff of the company, and this time I am able to report you this annoucement.
I would like to say I am really sorry about this sudden announcement.
I would be happy if we, LoVendoЯ and I, get warm cheering in the future. Thank you in advance for everything.
2016 July 23rd Yuki Uozumi (LoVendoЯ)

Uozomi will graduate on September 16, the final date of LoVendoЯ’s tour.


Source & images: Up-Front (1 & 2)