Inaba Manaka to take break from Country Girls for health reasons

UPDATED  In an announcement on the Hello! Project website, Inaba Manaka has announced she is taking an extended break from Country Girls due to poor health.


Inaba has suffered from chronic asthma since early childhood. A recent resurgence has made it exceedingly difficult for her to continue her activities with Country Girls. She will take a break from the group until at least this summer. She will not participate in Country Girls’ upcoming tour or the 2016 H!P Summer concert tour. She is not expected to attend any release event in this period.

In addition the Osaka performance of the Kizetsu Suruhodo Aishiteru! musical has been cancelled. Those with tickets can receive a full refund until May 30.

In a post on the Country Girls blog, Inaba has expressed a desire to return to active duty as soon as she is able. Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko also wished her a speedy recovery.

Source: Hello! Project

4 comments on “Inaba Manaka to take break from Country Girls for health reasons

  1. That’s sad to hear. However, an idol’s health takes top priority.

    Get well soon, Manaka!


  2. D: Get well soon! ♥


  3. phoenix00

    it’s chronic asthma


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