Check out the bonus posters to Country Girls’ upcoming single

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Sample images of the first press bonus posters to Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ have been posted on the Hello! Project website.



The single will release on March 9 in 6 editions: 3 regulars and 3 limiteds. The regular editions include a random trading card. The limited editions include an event lottery serial card number and bonus DVD.

Rararun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ is a cover of the 1961 version of the song I’ve Told Every Little Star by Linda Scott. This is the first single for new members Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu.

The CD covers were released earlier.

Source & image: Hello! Project / Support Country Girls by buying through CDJapan