ANGERME announce new single

ANGERME will release their next single on April 27.Hello_Project-607014

The announcement was made by leader Wada Ayaka on her blog and later on the Hello! Project website.

The single, currently untitled, will release in six editions: 4 limiteds and 2 regulars. The regular editions include a random trading card, while the limited editions come with a bonus DVD and serial event lottery card.

This will be the first single for Kamikokuryo Moe and the last one for Tamura Meimi, who announced her graduation at the end of last year.

Source & image: Hello! Project & Wada Ayaka

1 comment on “ANGERME announce new single

  1. Color me excited for this one. While it’s sad that it’s Tamura Meimi’s last, it’ll be the beginning of a new era with the 4th Gen.

    Thank you for keeping us updated with the details!


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