Kobushi Factory announce their second single

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Fresh from winning the Best Newcomer Award at the 57th Japan Record Awards, Kobushi Factory have announced their second single.


The single, titled Sakura Night Fever / Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin / Osu! Kobushi Tamashii, will release on February 17. Sakura Night Fever is a cover of the song of the same name by KAN.

The creative staff behind the single is as follows:

The lyrics and composition to Sakura Night Fever are by KAN, with arrangement by DANCE☆MAN. Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin has lyrics and composition by Hyadain (of Kirarin fame) and arrangement by Suzuki Shunsuke. Finally Osu! Kobushi Tamashii is composed and written by Hoshibe Shou and is arranged by Hirata Shoichiro.

Source: UP-FRONT WORKS (1 & 2 & 3)