US J-POP iTunes Charts (November 8, 2015)

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The-W iTMS Affiliate has posted the US J-POP iTunes Charts for the week ending in November 8, 2015.

ANGERME’s Desugita Kui wa Utarenai / Dondengaeshi / Watashi took the #6 spot on the album rankings.

 J-Pop – Top 10 Albums

  1. Crossing Field (Anime Sword Art Online Opening Theme) – EP – Lisa
  2. Ultra Blue – Utada Hikaru
  3. Anime Best – Flow
  4. Piano de Ghibli – Studio Ghibli Works Piano Collection – Carl Orrje Piano Ensemble
  5. Yasouemaki – 和楽器バンド
  6. 出すぎた杭は打たれない/ドンデンガエシ/わたし – EP – アンジュルム
  7. World Order – EP – WORLD ORDER
  8. First Message – Ayaka
  9. A Music Box Heals You Hayao Miyazaki Animation Orgel Anthology – 宮崎アニメーション オルゴール作品

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