Sayashi Riho to graduate from Morning Musume’ 15 on December 31

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Sayashi Riho will graduate from Morning Musume ’15 on December 31.


The announcement was made by way of UP-FRONT LINK.

Today, Riho Sayashi has announced she will graduated from Morning Musume。’15 on December 31st in her blog post.

Riho became a 9th generation member and made her debut with “Majidesuka Suka” in 2011 and continued her carrier until now.

She said she wants to devote herself to her progress in dancing, and she talked about this matter many times. With her consent, we came to this conclusion.

Riho will graduate from Morning Musume。but she will be a Hello! Project’s member after the graduation.

Before flying with her own wings, we will watch her with this new challenge.

Until her Morning Musume。’15’s graduation as a member, she will continue to perform much more during the current tour and during the other activities.

She will graduate from Morning Musume ’15 but remain a Hello! Project member.

UP-FRONT LINK has also translated Sayashi’s statement on her graduation:

I, Riho Sayashi,

Will graduate from Morning Musume。 on December 31st of this year.

Since kindergarten, I wanted to take part at the group Morning Musume。 and I became a member when I was 12 years. During 5 years, I started with Tsunku♂-san and continued until now with the support of many staff, with all the Morning Musume。 and Hello! Project members, and more than anything, with the fans.

However, I thought during this year many times about continuing like this in my future life.

As a human alone, I started to think if there were things that I have to experience in order to live strongly?

I have discussed many times with the people of the company, and I decided to graduate after I checked the growth of the 12th generation kohai (“kohai” means “juniors” here) this year.

Concerning the day of my graduation, I had the privilege on deciding the graduation on the last day of the “Morning Musume。’15” on December 31st during the Countdown Live.

Concerning the Morning Musume。’s tour, the last performances will be on December 7th and 8th at the Budokan.

I am really sorry for the abrupt news.

I think this is quite a surprise.

But until now, inside of me, it has worried me.

And it has led me to this decision.

From now, I think I want to study abroad and learn more English and dance.

Then with those experiences I will mature much more, and I will try my best to come back as soon as possible.

There are 2 months left until then, but until this moment with all the members I will do everything we have to do for “Morning Musume。’15”.

Until December 31st, I want to run through everything with all my power so please continue to support me!

Source & image: UP-FRONT LINK


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