Shimamura Uta has left Country Girls and Hello! Project

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UPDATED Shimamura Uta has left Country Girls and Hello! Project as of June 12

In a statement on the Hello! Project website, the reason for her withdrawal from the group was disagreements about the terms of her contract between UP-FRONT and her family.

Thank you for your continued support towards Hello! Project.

It is a sudden announcement but the agreement with the Country Girls member Uta Shimamura came to a midway cancellation.

Country Musume。 changed their name to Country Girls and Uta Shimamura joined the group last year on November with their new start, then Country Girls had their CD debut on March of this year.

After that, although there had been repeatedly discussions with her family about the future, and during this process the group Country Girls continued their activities, a gap emerged between her family and our company that could not be filled. During this period, while from the family there had been discussion about “retiring”, our company had to make a judgement because it exceeded the scope of our management’s responsability and it came now to the point of midway cancellation.

As a result, except Country Girls Supervisor Mai Satoda, 5 members are still part of Country Girls. Those 5 members have to face this reality and so far they have to continue to do their best with all their might.

To all of the fans, we have to apologize for making you worry but we would like to ask you to continue to support Country Girls in the future.


6th June 2015


Ohama Minoru

Country Girls will continue as a five member group.


Source: Hello! Project & UP-FRONT LINK