THE Possible will change their name to ‘Ciao Bella Cinquetti’

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THE Possible have announced they will be changing their group name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti.

The announcement was made via UP-FRONT LINK which has posted a full statement:

Dear all, thank you for your continued and warm support.
It is quite sudden but THE Possible will change their name to “Ciao Bella Cinquetti” from July 8th.
Sorry for the surprise.

With the recent tour, we talked several times during the MC that right now our main theme is “Change”. During our teens, we kept running under the name THE Possible.
Then, now, in our twenties, in order to keep our mark of “Keeping Running” during a long period, we thought that we personally had to “Change” as well.

On August, it will finally be our 10th Anniversary, and until then we thought we had to show how we “evoluated” and “became adult”.
During this period, the tour which started from April had a good reputation, and the other day (May 30th), our last performance for this tour had safetely been a huge success thanks to all of you.
Therefore, it gave us self-confidence.

“In order to have no regret later on, we try our best to do what we can do, and make efforts.”

With cojoint talks between all the members, we thought that as THE Possible greatest “Change”, with the new name of the group, we had to push our evolution in the future.

To all our fans, we would like you from now on to definitely see us with your own eyes. We will speed up and keep running as “Ciao Bella Cinquetti”.Thank you for your continued support.

From all the members of THE Possible
Ciao Bella Cinquetti

PS: In Italian, Ciao Bella Cinquetti means the group of the 5 beautiful young ladies

Source & image: UP-FRONT LINK

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