Fukuda Kanon will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project

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Fukuda Kanon has announced she wil graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project this autumn.

The announcement was made on the most recent episode of Hello! Project Station. Fukuda stated her desire to achieve her university degree.


A full statement was posted on the official Hello! Project website, later translated by UP FRONT LINK.

To all the people who have always supported me.

I, Kanon Fukuda, have decided to graduate this fall from ANGERME as well as from Hello! Project.

Now that I became a member of S/mileage around 6 years ago, after the 3rd generation members joined and the group changed its name in order to become more powerful, I oriented myself to the thought of graduating. So after my graduation, I trust and feel relieve that the group would become bigger and bigger.

Then, as well as graduating from ANGERME this fall, I have decided to take a new road.

All of this came from me.

The remaining time until my graduation is quite limited but in order to not waste one day, I took a break from the university I was going to. Now I devote myself and rush to ANGERME’s activities until the end.

After my graduation I will go back to the university, and I will firmly study to graduate from the university, as well as for the work, going through new challenges, so please continue to support me.



Kanon Fukuda

Source & image: Hello! Project