Juice=Juice achieve weekly Oricon #1

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Juice=Juice’s Wonderful World / Ca va? Ca va? took the #1 spot on the Oricon single rankings for its first week on the charts (04/06~04/12) with 34.127 copies sold.

8546This is the first time Juice=Juice has attained the coveted Weekly #1 Oricon rank.

Up-Front Link has posted the group’s initial reactions:

Sayuki Takagi: Since our previous single “Senobi / Datejanaiyo Uchino Jinseiwa“, many things happened to Juice=Juice. And with this news, reaching the 1st place at the Weekly Top Oricon for the 1st time in our history, I felt so happy and I will try my best in order to make it happen once again.

Tomoko Kanazawa: Yeah, some days ago, we entered our 3rd year of activity. Being able to reach the top and being this happy, I think this is really thanks to everyone. There are still many things that the 5 of us cannot do so I will continue my best to show to everyone a “fresh Juice=Juice”!

Karin Miyamoto: Yes, for me too, I just feel really really happy. This is not only with our efforts that we reached this place, but this is with the support of all the fans.

For example we are trying our best with our current tour to make us known from everyone, so reaching this step of being 1st of this top and feeling there is a Juice=Juice family all over Japan, I am full of happiness. I also want to continue my best to show to people all over the world that we exist and to make the Juice-Juice family growing.

Yuka Miyazaki: Of course, reaching the top is something amazing which makes me happy.

This time, with the songs “Wonderful World and Ça va ? Ça va ?“, both titles are not in Japanese but in English and French. With this, I want to continue to show that Juice=Juice members can perform songs that no one ever sang until now. I will be really happy if people can think: “What a nice song, I have never heard this before”.

Then, I want to celebrate this 1st place with everyone.

Akari Uemura: Like the other members, I am so happy with this news. And this is thanks to the Juice=Juice family, our own family, friends, staff, etc. Many things happened but many other things will happen from now as well! I will definitely try more than my best to be 1st again in this Weekly Charts.

Oricon has posted their footage of Juice=Juice’s release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City from last week.

Source & image: Oricon