Suzuki Kanon & Sato Masaki have sprains, Tanaka Reina hit with influenza

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Suzuki Kanon, Sato Masaki and Tanaka Reina will be out of commision or restrict their activities in the near future due to illness and injury.


Suzuki Kanon has been diagnosed with a sprained left ankle as well as a torn ligament. She will be unable to perform for at least the next six weeks and will therefore not take part in the upcoming Hello! Project Countdown as well as the first few Hello! Project Winter 2015 concerts.

Sato Masaki will perform but restrict her activities to singing while under watch of a physician due to a mild sprain and a painful feeling in her right knee.


Meanwhile Tanaka Reina has been diagnosed with influenza and is running a high fever. She will not perform at H!P Countdown 2015 as well as miss out on her next radio appearances. Her fellow LoVendoЯ bandmates will still appear without her.

Earlier this week Okai Chisato had also been diagnosed with influenza and was unable to participate in the serial release event for °C-ute’s most recent single.

Source & image: Oricon, LoVendoЯ & Hello! Project