Yajima Maimi will be the next Hello! Project leader

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Yajima Maimi will be the next leader of Hello! Project after Michishige Sayumi graduates on November 26.


The news broke for after Michishige mentioned the leadership in an interview with Sanspo. The news was later confirmed on the Hello! Project website. The statement was translated by fansite blog!project.

Presently、 the role of Hello! Project leader is an additional post held by Morning Musume。’14 leader Michishige Sayumi、
However, along with the graduation of Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume。’14 and Hello! Project on the 26th of November、
From then onwards, ℃-ute leader Yajima Maimi will hold the additional post of Hello! Project leader。

From now on too Hello! Project will be humbly begging for your kindness。

Up Front Promotion

Normally, the leadership would have gone to Berryz Kobo’s captain Shimizu Saki, but with the group going on hiatus in the spring, the honor will go to Yajima.

Source & image: Hello! Project