These are the new 12th generation Morning Musume members

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UPDATED (01/10) The winners of Morning Musume’s 12th generation (or Golden) audition were announced today at Nippon Budokan.

The winners are Ogata Haruna (15), Nonaka Miki (14), Trainee Haga Akane (12) and Trainee Makino Maria (13).

Their profile information has been posted on the official Hello! Project website.

Ogata Haruna

Birthday: 1999/2/15 (15-years-old ・ High school 1st year student)
Birth place: Osaka
Blood Type: A-type
Height: 157cm
Hobby: Video Editing
Special Skill: Figure Skating

Nonoka Miki

Birthday: 1999/10/7 (14-years-old ・ Middle school 3rd year student)
Birth place: Shizuoka
Blood Type: A-type
Height: 157cm
Hobby: Collecting kawaii things
Special Skill: Conversational English, copying by ear

Haga Akane

Birthday: 2002/3/17 (12-years-old ・ Middle school 1st year student)
Birth place: Nagano
Blood Type: O-type
Height: 153cm
Hobby: Singing things, Watching YouTube videos
Favorite song: Be Alive

Makino Maria

Birthday: 2001/2/2 (13-years-old ・ Middle school 2nd year student)
Birth place: Aichi
Blood Type: A-type
Height: 159cm
Hobby: Watching professional baseball (Nippon Ham Fighters)
Skill: Ballet, piano, penmanship, doing the duck mouth face, painting things


All four members will join Morning Musume in 2015 as Morning Musume ’15. In the meantime all will take part in handshake events.

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Source & images: Hello! Project, Oricon, Barks & natalie