Morning Musume ’14 announce new single

UPDATED Morning Musume ’14 have announced at today’s Hello! Project summer concert in Tokyo that they will release their next single, titled  「TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~/ Mikaeri Bijin」 on October 15.

The tracklist for the single has also been released.

  2. Shabadabadoo~
  3. Mikaeri Bijin

Shabadabadoo will be a solo sung by graduating leader Michishige Sayumi while Mikaeri Bijin will be sung by the other 9 members. TIKI BUN will feature the entirety of Morning Musume ’14.

The single will come in six editions: two regulars and four limiteds. The regular edition will include a random trading card out of a possible 10 per jacket, for a total of 20. The limited editions will include a DVD and an event ticket.

To promote the single a special Morning Musume anniversary event will be organised through forTUNE Music on September 14. The event will include a talk segment, a mini-live and individual handshakes. forTUNE is also taking pre-orders for boxsets of the single which include all editions and a ticket to the single’s release events on October 25 (Osaka), October 26 (Tokyo) and November 9 (Tokyo).

In addition the group also announced their autumn tour final would take place at Yokohama Arena on November 26.

special website promoting the single, tour and a countdown for Michishige’s graduation has been set up.

Source & image: natalie, Hello! Project and Dwango Pre-order at CDJapan

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