New Country Musume audition ends with no winners

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The new Country Musume audition has ended. There are no winners.

In a message posted on the audition website, the audition office states that despite many enthusiastic applicants, somehow none of them passed the judges’ strict examination.

This is the second Hello! Project audition in a row with no results. Previously the first Morning Musume 12th generation audition was halted to supposedly not disturb the balance of the group and Morning Musume’s high performance level at the time.

Currently, Morning Musume ’14 are still holding a second 12th generation audition. There is no word if or how the unsuccesful Country Musume audition will affect it. There has been no news about it since the announcement was made that the second round had concluded.

At the time of writing, there has been no reaction from Satoda Mai, the sole remaining member of the original incarnation of Country Musume or from Hello! Project producer Tsunku.

Fan reactions online have been negative to say the least, with matome translation site Wota in Translation perhaps best summing up the sentiment of fans in the tweet embedded below.

Source & image: Country Musume Audition