Hello! Project auditions move to Round 3

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Both the New Country Musume Auditions and the Golden Audition, Morning Musume ’14’s second search for 12th generation members, have concluded their second rounds.

Those girls (and only those) who passed the second round and are moving on to round 3 will be contacted according to postings on both audition websites.

The New Country Musume Auditions were announced on February 11. The first round was expected to end on March 31 but was extended until April 20 due to a large number of applicants.

The Golden Audition was announced on March 15. The first round ended on May 11. This is the second time that auditions for 12th generation members are being held. An earlier audition was halted in order not to disrupt the high performance level of Morning Musume at the time. All finalists of that audition later joined the Hello! Project Trainees and are eligible for any future auditions.

This time, winners of the Golden Audition will first undergo a training period before formally joining the group in 2015.