The results of the 2014 H!P Trainee performance test are in

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Danbara Ruru took the prize for best performance with 224 votes at the 2014 ~Spring Public Ability Diagnosis Test~.

Only one vote separates her from Murota Mizuki, who also garnered an impressive 223 votes.

Best Dance went to Sasaki Rikako and Yoshihashi Kurumi. Best Character went to Ogawa Rena, Kishimoto Yumeno and Murota Mizuki. Finally Best Singing  was given to Taguchi Natsumi and Hamaura Ayano.

During the event a message was read from former Trainee Kaneko Rie, who graduated last year. She announced that she would aim to study abroad.

It was also announced that Kosugaya Fuyuka has completed her training and will no longer participate in Trainee activities going forward. The three new Trainees, whose admissions had been leaked earlier, were also presented for the first time.

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