S/mileage release DVD content, covers and updated profiles for 「Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion」

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UPDATED The DVD content and CD covers for S/mileage’s upcoming single 「Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion」 have been posted on the official Hello! Project website.

DVD Tracklist

Limited A

  • Mystery Night! (MV)

Limited B

  • Eighteen Emotion (MV)

Limited  C

  • Mystery Night! (Dance Shot ver.)
  • Eighteen Emotion (Dance Shot ver.)

In addition the group’s profiles have been updated to reflect the new release.


The 2nd generation members will also hold a talk and handshake event in Aichi on April 14. Both music videos for the single have previously been released.

Source & image: Hello! Project (1 & 2 & 3 & 4)