Morning Musume ’14 announce new auditions

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UPDATED Morning Musume ’14 have announced their new 12th generation auditions.

The announcement was made by Iikubo Haruna reading a letter from producer Tsunku on stage and was preceded by a Tsunku version of 「What is LOVE?」. The audition is titled 「Golden Audition」. The age range is 10-17. Deadline is May 11. Application starts March 15.


According to Tsunku, although possible winners of the audition will take part in Morning Musume ’14 events in the fall, they will only be a full part of the group starting 2015. They will be taking lessons in the meantime. Tsunku warns that once again there is the possibility of there being no winner. Failed auditioners may have the possibility to join the H!P Trainees at no cost and can re-audition at a later date.

Those girls who are currently auditioning for the H!P Trainees may also apply for Morning Musume ’14.

A number of publications have covered the event.

Source & images: Hello! Project (1 & 2) & Mantan Web