Up Up Girls (仮) to release new single

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Up Up Girls (仮)will release their next single on April 9.

The single is titled 「(仮) wa Kaesuze ☆ Be your Soul / Party! Party! / Jumper!」. It will come in two editions: regular and limited. The limited edition includes a bonus DVD.


  • CD
    1. (仮) wa Kaesuze ☆ Be your Soul – [Oomori Seiko & michitomo]
    2. Party! Party! – [fu_mou]
    3. Jumper! – [Panda Boy]
    4. (仮) wa Kaesuze ☆ Be your Soul  (Instrumental)
    5. Party! Party! (Instrumental)
    6. Jumper!  (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    • Up Up Girls (仮) Teiki Kouen Extra ~Saho Dojo~ (February 2 performance at Akiba Culture Theater)

Source & images: natalie