Hello! Project producer Tsunku diagnosed with cancer

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Hello! Project producer Tsunku announced in a statement on his blog and via a fax sent to various news outlets that he has been diagnosed with early stage laryngeal cancer.

In the statement he says he’s been suffering from discomfort in his left vocal chord for about 7-8 years. After his voice went completely hoarse in October of last year, he recieved exploratory surgery at which time he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. The disease is in an early stage and Tsunku has started treatment immediately. Early prognosis from his doctor is positive.

Skoban of Hello! Project fansite blog!project has translated Tsunku’s statement on his blog.

Since I’ll be undergoing intensive medical treatment for a while, everyone who I’m currently working with, all of the fans who have always been giving their support, and all of the many various related parties, I apologise for causing you immense worry and for inconveniencing you.
At the same time as giving you my heartfelt apologies, I would like to ask for your understanding, please understand.

We at HNS wish Tsunku the best and hope for a full recovery.

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