Details on upcoming Hinamatsuri Festival released

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New information about the upcoming Hello! Project Hinamatsuri Festival has been released.

In a video posted on the UP-FRONT Youtube channel, H!P Trainee Hamaura Ayano, representing producer Tsunku, unveiled the ‘sub-subtitles’ for each Hinamatsuri concert. The festival, titled ~Full Course~ will feature full-length songs on the setlist, unlike the typical half-length concert versions.


The March 29 afternoon concert will focus on Morning Musume ’14 and the evening concert will focus on S/mileage and Juice=Juice. The following day, the afternoon concert will be focused on °C-ute, while the evening concert will be focused on Berryz Kobo. In addition, leaders of each group were also handed their respective setlists.


The entire event will be supported by mobile phone brand ‘au’.